Friday, October 10, 2008

The Immaculate Conception............Of A Shark!!!!

Now I can not say for sure whether this is an example of evolution, global warming, Chernobyl, or just a good ole fashioned immaculate conception, but scientifically THIS is amazing!!! There are now two examples of aquarium sharks having asexual reproduction.

The first case of this, and I quote "virgin birth", happened at an Omaha Zoo where a hammerhead gave birth to a baby shark. There were no male sharks to inseminate the female. At first this seemed to be an isolated event. It grabbed attention yes, but it may have been slightly blown off as an anomaly or an isolated event.

However, this most recent discovery shows that while this may not be the answer to the sharks' declining population, it still may be the tip of the iceberh of some type of pattern of change for a species that seemed to be evolutionarily unaltered for millions of years.  This most recent case occurred in our friend Tidbit, a black tip shark that died last year in a Virginia aqurium. The shark underwent an autopsy since she had died suddenly due to a reaction to the anesthesia during a routine physical exam.  During the autopsy vets discovered the embryo of young, black-tip shark amidst gestation. However, there were no male black tip sharks present AT ANY POINT during her life at the aquarium. 

Cross-breeding? Evolutionary change? Immaculate conception?   
Things that make you go hmmmmmm! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not a smart move - but NOT suprising!!!

You knew this fairytale couldn't go on forever.  I was shocked yesterday when I went onto IMDB, or another movie/TV gossip website and I saw the headline "Hef Dumps Girlfriend."  Now this is not the surprising part. Hef is a young 82 years old, a successful millionare entrepreneur, and well, lets admit all-around nice guy. So dumping one of the many girls in his harem should not be a big deal.  

Now go ahead and guess which one he let go?  

You would think it would be Bridgett. I mean she is the oldest  and while still fit, in the worst shape of the three as well.  And lets be honest....Hef is all about the outer packaging!!

You would think it could be Kendra. While exactly the look Hef wants, she is certifiably crazy. She is always saying really stupid (though possibly edited by E) stuff on camera, still acts like a 16 year old, and seems to have nothing in common to share with her "boyfriend." 

BUT NO!!! He dumped Holly!! The girlfriend who had been there the longest of the three. The one who actually shared a bed with Hef and if anyone actually was having sex with was her. On the show she appears to be the most devoted girlfriend ever, claiming to want to have his babies and makes sure to call every 20 mins when away from his side!!   

So why is this happening?  Because she was stupid enough to cheat on him. She is losing an almost unlimited allowance, life in the mansion, and everything else she has never had to work for........Bad move Holly.......Bad move!!

Hef.......I dont know if you are taking applications for a new girlfriend.  I certainly don't fit your preferred profile..........AND I am not into that sort of thing........... but for life in the Playboy mansion........I can try!!