Monday, February 2, 2009

Jurassic Park 4 - Invasion of the US!!

Someone hacked this traffic warning machine in Indiana. That's hilarious. More so if someone actually changed their course to avoid the Raptors Ahead.

More blogging to come soon.......I am going to see Jack Kavorkian, AKA Dr. Death, speak on campus this Thursday. And yes, he is still alive and not in prison. Should be pretty damn interesting!


Wes said...

I always thought how weird it would be if dinosaurs were still around. You would wake up in the morning to catch the traffic updates. "Traffic on I-75 is backed up from the Perimeter to Wade Green due to a T-Rex in the 3 left lanes"

Ryan said...

At least then it would be a valid excuse instead of some jackass rubber-necking. Besides, everyone knows dinosaurs take I-400 better.

Brownman said...

Raptors ahead....Brilliant!