Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New (old) Favorite Show

I will go ahead and admit it. I am addicted to Most Extreme Home Makeover. This show is the shit!!! I had heard about the show previously, but I actually saw It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia mocking it with their "dream boards" before I actually saw the show itself.  It took only a single episode and I was hooked. 

This show works on multiple levels for me.  First of all, there is almost always a great back story to why this particular family is getting this second chance. With almost 15,000 applications per week, I am sure it is not hard to find that tear-jerker of a story.  I have seen an episode involving a LAPD police officer who is shot and paralyzed only 12 hours after running a charity race to support police officers hurt in the line of duty....Ironic!!! I just saw an episode where they brought amazing technology (and a new house) to a family where BOTH parents are deaf and they are raising two of whom is blind and autistic.  There was another episode where they changed the life of woman who raised three orphans with AIDS who had been left to die in the government system.  On the same note, they built a HUGE house for a single woman who has adopted multiple children with disabilities including: two who only have torsos, one with fetal alcohol syndrome, one with brain damage from trauma, and one with a bone disease where she cannot flex her elbows or knees.

The next reason I am so addicted to this show is the amazing houses they build. Sometimes it might be a more modest duplex to house two homeless families, and other times it might be the most lavish castle because the families' father who died was obsessed with the renaissance era and they wanted to honor him.  No matter what the exterior or size, all of the designers spend days (and I am sure weeks of research prior) to make sure each member of the family gets a themed room and the newest technology available to make their lives easier. If a child likes the outdoors, you can expect them to get a bed amongst a canopy of trees. If someone wants to be a pilot, they end up with a mock up of a part of a planes fuselage in their room to hold the flight simulator.  I just saw one episode where the main focus was a 22 year old who was recently paralyzed due to a case of mistaken identity from a gang member, and he was given a full voice activated house. He just makes commands to "Anderson" and the house will even send a machine to come lift him out of his chair and carry him to the bathroom or his kitchen.

Finally, I love the designers they picked for the show. While I really like Paige and Tracy, it's the male designers who steal the show.  My personal favorites are Paul, Ed, Michael and Preston.  Of course I like watching Ty as well, but he is the host so of course he is amazing. It doesn't hurt that he is a good ole Georgia Boy as well.  Yes, all of these people are going to be well known for their efforts, and yes they are probably making bank. However, unless they are some amazing actors as well, you can generally see the care and concern they have for each family for which they are working so hard night after night making custom beds, desks, and murals to fit each room.  They all are really talented as well. They have their, contruction, fashion..........but they have no problem hanging dry wall or planting some tulips if that is what the project calls for. 

The show also has helped me out with issues I may be having as well. If there is a day where I am tired of studying the library, or I am lonely or sad for some reason, it helps me to realize how much better off I have it than so many out there. No I didnt really need a show to know that, but it can never hurt to get the reminder every once and awhile. It makes me want to go out and help as many people as I can.  Speaking of which......I am finding out it is actually not as easy to volunteer for certain things as I thought. Six month wait for habitat for humanity!!!

Don't get me wrong. I know I have fallen for scripted banter, the directors' editing of the episodes, and the well composed music that goes along with each tear jerking story. I know some of these people end up losing these houses anyways due to the immediate property values rising through the roof. I don't care.......I am hooked. It's like watching an emotional, super-size version of Monster House.   So keep on keeping on Most Extreme Home Makeover......and Move That Bus!!!

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Anonymous said...

You need to blog more Rye Rye, I like reading your stuff!!!!

Shannon Burns

P.S. That show kicks ass!!!